Established in 1993 by Andrew Smith, the company provides a high quality, reliable service on the leading edge of technology to gather and process data ensuring their clients get the service they expect.

APS is an efficient company working in close partnership, providing hands on attention to its clients providing excellent customer service, whether it’s large or small project.

APS undertake the following activities:

  • Topographical Surveys these may range from a survey on a small parcel of land to a major highway and/or construction project
  • Measured Building Surveys
  • Engineering Services:-
    • Road & Sewers
    • Major Highway Construction / Improvements incorporating:-
      • Cut and Fill calculations to achieve earthworks balance
      • Establishing line level of proposed engineered features
      • Box Management of proposed works
      • Data Management to provide accurate records of works undertaken
    • House corners for foundation dig and 2nd visit to establish brickwork corners
    • External features inc. retaining walls, fence lines etc
    • Deformation Monitoring
    • Volumetric Surveys