Engineering Services

APS have a fully trained Engineering Team to provide an on site setting out service; this Team can be Resident or can be on a call off basis giving a 2 day notice period to attend site and set out the required works.

APS work closely with house-builders to establish siting of properties within developments and(with the provision of the most up to date copy of AutoCAD drawings by you or your designers) the coordinates of any feature requiring setting out can be achieved. This can involve:-

  • Establishing line and level of proposed engineered features within the design.
  • Building corners for foundation dig and if required 2nd visit to establish corners on the foundation.
  • External features including retaining walls, fence lines and boundaries etc.

APS setting out engineers can be assigned to work along side your designated contractor to provide information they require in the field, in the case of Road & Sewers this could be establishing road profiles etc, setting out of kerblines or drainage positions including line and level of new sewers.

APS are specialist in setting out complicated foundations, particularly on sloping sites, the erection of steel structures; APS have worked with steel framers setting out bolt boxes on established grids to aligning steel frames to ensure they are line and level. APS have worked with piling contractors establishing position for installation and recording pile positions once placed and also with groundwork contractors constructing mass retaining solutions.

APS can complete the service by providing AS-BUILT Surveys at various stages of the sites completion for validation purposes, and to provide record of any variations.

AS-BUILT Surveys of roads and sewers are  undertaken before the road has its final surfacing laid; the next survey is to fulfil the requirement of the adopting authorities where they request Developers submit AS-BUILT surveys and this is undertaken when the roads have been final surfaced and the road & sewers are nearing adoption, at this stage manhole cards and drawings can be prepared to suit the various adopting water authorities.